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The Merna Annals

Meet Nephtyri
She's the great-granddaughter of Pharaoh Arsinoë, who escaped being murdered by her sister, Cleopatra, and became the mother of all vampires. (Yes, THAT Cleopatra!) However, the biggest difference between them other than two generations of immortal queens? Nephtyri sits in exile in London, 1665--not Ptolemaic Egypt. She's also outrunning extinction at the hands of the Hunters' Guild, the final representation of Marc Antony's army on Earth. These slayers and enslavers view her as the top prize in their bounty system, but they're hiding all these secrets from their heir.

Meet Ian
Born in the human world as Baron Christian Silas Alexander Sinclair, Ian is unaware of what goes on at home when he is at sea. Running a merchant fleet with The Caribbean calling him away for long swaths of time, he finds himself longing for something much more--and not just a wife and family of his own. This time, though, arriving home hurts and costs him his human life, his favorite sibling, and the lies their father took to the grave.

They might be from different worlds... but their souls are Fated to be mated. Even if it means ending the Hunters' Guild, their war against Merna, and the magic these immortal beings wield for good.

What happened to magic and all of its immortal warriors according to human history?

The Merna Annals contain the secrets lost to time.
Can they change Nephtyri's legacy? Can Fate be stopped?

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