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Reflective Ripples: Finishing a Third Novel

Welcome to Reflective Ripples, where we glance into debatable topics about the creative world. Today, I'm more reflecting than debating, to be sure.

I did it a third time, lovelies. I crossed that magical minimum word count goal line. For those who might not be aware, I do have a "minimum" for each series. At current, we're looking at...

The Arsinoëphorus Alliance—80,000 words minimum per book

VITAELANGICA—60,000 words minimum per book

About a week ago, Frey and Lee crossed that 80,000 word mark! I have about 10,000 words or so left to plug in before the first draft is completed. This one ripped my heart out and turned it into a dance floor. A few more character deaths are ahead—we’re in a war, to be fair. The ending… it is a risk. I’m willing to take it and see what happens, though.

Honestly, I think Frey and Lee’s story was the one that excited me the most to write. While much heartbreak happens, they do find a way to start the healing process. As the climactic “turning point” in the five-book series, they had a lot to accomplish. Frey’s not happy with the ending. Some of the sacrifices made by other characters might be too much for some to handle.

I hope it will at least make people want to throw the book at the wall or consider throwing their eReading device. Notice I didn’t say throw the highly breakable one of those two, lol.

I am looking for people to join a sensitivity read for the entire series, so if you would like to read Books 1 through 3 for free, please email me asap?

This book taught me a great deal about my mental health, and I don’t think that was intended. Frey has to face his addictions and inner demons, and in many ways, I think I took the time during writing this book to do the same. Mind you: losing Angel, my firstborn, in October 2021 also had a role in that.

Other factors in life with the teaching schedule have me doing THE BIG PIVOT for other reasons. Check out the video over on my YouTube at this link:

I’m looking forward to switching back to VITAELANGICA (Book 1): The Crusaders of Lukzander Shoals. Mitch and Andi were a lot of fun. Right alongside them, though, I’ve started the sequel to Frey and Lee’s story. I’ve mentioned it as being Vouvry and Maria next around here before… the blurb is written and oh my. He and she will be so sweet for Christmas!

Many plans lie ahead. I hope you’ll continue to join us for the ride.

As always, lovelies… take care of you. You’re worth it!


Soul Writer

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