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Reflective Ripples: When a File Corrupts...

Welcome to Reflective Ripples, where we glance into debatable topics about the creative world. Today, I'm more reflecting than debating, to be sure.

Some readers may or may not be aware that I am also a Youtuber / Authortuber / Booktuber. We're sitting close to 100 subscribers over in that part of my author life, and it has been quite the journey--video file corruptions included. I have been fortunate in that my Book Files are often safe. However, I do not normally have this happen with my video production end of marketing.

Authortube / Booktube have taught me a lot about controlling my anxiety and growing as a person. It has also made me question my imposter syndrome more often than anything else in my marketing attempts as an indie author. However, what I do know is I cannot handle a file corrupting so close to this launch date! Lol

I’ve been planning BATTLE WRITING ACADEMY for months. The first video needed a redo this weekend. I am in panic mode. We’ll see if I can manage to survive it by the end of the week… all of these tech issues make me wonder if I need to just give up the ghost and live stream already, lol.

I fear my internet is not as strong as I like to sustain the streaming. I don't know if I can keep the long path of finding a home and moving as the reason to prevent doing that anymore. We will see how my new live streams go for writing sprints and pivot accordingly. However... I think I need to get a second terabyte backup drive for all of my video things. I just cannot risk losing all of that hard work again and having to fix so many things at the last minute. Here is hoping Sitting Down with Soul Writer's video for Friday is kind to me in other ways.

Be sure to back up your extra files, lovelies!

As always, lovelies… take care of you. You’re worth it!


Soul Writer

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