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Spilling Tea with Characters and Soul Writer: Book Titles

Bear: Soul Writer, we have a question for you instead this time.

Captain Five: It’s quite a good one.

Jenna OM: Fire away.

Bear: It’s kind of a double, two-part question, so here’s the logical first. What other titles did you consider for Book 1 instead of Bound by Fate and Blood? And for Book 2 instead of Bound by Oath and Heart?

Jenna OM: I feared this question. Originally, Book 1 was to be “Crimson Taint.”

Captain Five: I hope you’re joking.

Jenna OM: Trust me. I’m suddenly glad Tuce isn’t here to comment about the double entendre for a reason. After some convincing, it changed. Book 2 was almost “Under the Hunted’s Moon,” but certain friends convinced me to keep with Saint Editor’s idea for a similar structure across all titles in the series. I’m glad I listened to them. I take it there’s another question?

Captain Five: What inspires some of your book titles, including those not used?

Jenna OM: Metal songs, what else? Hammerfall and Delain kept me sane while writing both books. I had to slip in homage to them in gratitude. Book 1’s final title was inspired by Hammerfall’s song “Bloodbound.” It’s representative of Ian’s siblinghood with Frey, Vouvry, and Harumi and his romance with Nephtyri. The draft title for Book 2 that went unused references a line from Delain’s “Hunter’s Moon.”

Bear: What about Book 3? Did the same bands provide inspiration for its title?

Jenna OM: Wow, bonus question round without a warning. The correct answer is Dynazty’s “Presence of Mind.” I’m not spoiling more than that for now.

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