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Spilling Tea with Characters and Soul Writer: Chick-Flick Movies

Spilling Tea with Characters and Soul Writer: Chick-flick Movies

Jenna OM: There’s three of my favorite ladies.

Nephtyri: I hear from Ian you’ve been asking questions?

Jenna OM: You got it. I have one for you three.

Rochelle: Please not food? Bjorn’s answer still has my stomach upset.

Jenna OM: Not at all, Shelley. I pity your toilet, by the way.

Mahlyce: I think all of us do. So, question?

Jenna OM: Right. The lovely sunwalkers wanted to know your personal choices in chick-flick movies?

Nephtyri: Do we talk over Mahlyce’s laughing or give her a moment?

Mahlyce: Sorry, sorry. I have the perfect answer. I’ll go last.

Rochelle: Show off.

Mahlyce: And your choice?

Rochelle: Coyote Ugly.

Jenna OM: Not surprised. Not at all. Lady Bird?

Nephtyri: Howl’s Moving Castle.

Jenna OM: Miyazaki-sensei is the best. Love the book, too. Well, Mahlyce? You’re giggling again.

Mahlyce: The best chick-flick movie ever: Steel Magnolias.

Jenna OM: No. Not the crying. No! Want to find out more about these ladies? Read the Arsinoëphorus Alliance (Book 1): Bound by Fate and Blood—out on Amazon now.

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