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Spilling Tea with Characters and Soul Writer: Interviewing Vouvry to Prepare for Book 4

Jenna OM: Hello, Vouvry. How has my favorite dracokin been?

Vouvry: I’m quite angry at you, Soul Writer.

Jenna OM: Not about the length of time it took me to start writing your book in comparison to others in the Alliance, I hope?

Vouvry: You know I don’t care about that. You were going to get to me sooner or later, and I am thrilled that Names I Shall Not Yet Mention to Avoid Spoilers are the last couple to go instead of me and my Maria. It should be That Couple, considering how you’re setting up for the big boom between Books 5 and 6.

Jenna OM: Pray tell, alter boy. Why are you angry at me, then?

Vouvry: You’re not listening to what I truly want out of my story, regardless of where it falls.

Jenna OM: We went over this a few times. Stop being like Frey with your stubbornness on this topic.

Frey: Leave me out of this!

Jenna OM: Go snuggle with your Kitten and stop butting in. You have a London trip on the horizon to be preparing for! Anyway, Vouvry, as we were saying.

Vouvry: I’m not being stubborn. I don’t enjoy being moody like my brothers.

Jenna OM: Ian is moody. Frey is broody. There’s a fine-line difference, and we agreed you’d be okay balancing between the two.

Vouvry: Not during the holidays. We’re writing a Christmas novel.

Jenna OM: Start reading more works by Charles Dickens, since you value most books to be worth more than gold.

Vouvry: He was paid to write by the word at one point in his career in ways you envy through allegorical hope. Those books might as well be gold during his time.

Jenna OM: Don’t you take my dreams away from me, draco, and I will do my best to be sure you get what you desire most.

Vouvry: Writing for a certain child is going to be so interesting for you in future books.

Jenna OM: Boy, howdy. She’s too much like you already!

Thank you to everyone who stayed with us this far. Book 2 has been out since September 2021, and Book 3 is well on the way to being out on June 1, 2022. I can't wait to share how this story grows and changes!

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