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Spilling Tea with Characters and Soul Writer: Most Underrated Musicals

Jenna OM: Good day, dear songweavers.

Aryeh: Soul Writer, my lovely. I’m glad to see you.

Martigan: After complaining that he wasn’t asked to do this yet.

Harumi: Marty, be nice.

Jenna OM: I think he broke that bone a long time ago. I blame Tuce. Anyway, care to answer a question?

Aryeh: Fire away.

Jenna OM: Most underrated musical?

Harumi: You just started a war.

Jenna OM: Oh? Not a response I expected.

Harumi: I’ll say Into the Woods before Disney gobbled it up and wish you luck.

Aryeh: Why luck? My choice will always be the best.

Martigan: Newsies? Please. Disney-made cult drabble, hence Harumi’s point about Into the Woods before the mouse was involved.

Jenna OM: Watch your mouth, Marty. Young Christian Bale is sacred as Jack Kelly.

Aryeh: See, she agrees with me.

Jenna OM: Sadly, I like Harumi’s choice more. Bernadette Peters is a goddess.

Martigan: And you’re mad you can’t do “Last Midnight” anymore. Besides, you’ll love my pick.

Jenna OM: Lay it on us, then. You’ve mighty shoes to fill.

Martigan: Call me self-satisfying, if you wish. Repo: The Genetic Opera.

Jenna OM: You would, Grave Robber fan boy.

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