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Spilling Tea with Characters and Soul Writer: ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY REFLECTION with Nephtyri and Ian

Nephtyri: We did, Soul Writer. After all these years. We did it.

Jenna OM: Did you ever think this would happen when you first popped in my head way, way back in high school and then again in college for a hot minute?

Nephtyri: I'm glad you sat down and told my story right for a change.

Ian: And let me be who I really am instead of someone else.

Nephtyri: You know I love you.

Ian: Soul Writer does now, too!

Jenna OM: You know, I think I like Mahlyce's nickname for you a little more, Sinclair.

Ian: Indeed, Pasty Bog Person a la Originale. What is in store for us next?

Jenna OM: I was thinking a 300-ish year time jump in a few books.

Ian: You have other ideas now, don't you?

Nephtyri: You know she's going to write more than the 13 books she has planned now, if we let her.

Jenna OM: As long as you lovelies keep talking, I will have no other choice but to keep writing. I love you too much.

Thank you to everyone who stayed with us this far. Book 2 has been out since September 2021, and Book 3 is well on the way to being out on June 1, 2022. I can't wait to share how this story grows and changes!

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