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Spilling Tea with Characters and Soul Writer: Preparing Frey and Lee for a Trip to London

Lee: You finished the end of our book for the most part. How does it feel to be rid of us again?

Jenna OM: I don’t want you two to go. Saint Editor loves you, though. You know that. Besides, she and her team will love watching you rip out readers’ hearts for breakfast.

Frey: You’re not even trading off us for my brother and his former nun. That other series you started in the middle of our book is what you’re going back to.

Jenna OM: Are you jealous?

Frey: No.

Lee and Jenna OM: Yes.

Frey: Fine. Be that way.

Jenna OM: Like you’re not the forefront of my marketing thought process all of the time between now and the end of June. Stop pouting. You’re being too much like your Mah-ren. Even if it works in your favor with Lee later.

So glad to be halfway through this series… I still love these characters, my babies, so much!

Thank you to everyone who stayed with us this far. Book 2 has been out since September 2021, and Book 3 is well on the way to being out on June 1, 2022. I can't wait to share how this story grows and changes!

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