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Spilling Tea with Characters and Soul Writer: Takeaway Food Orders

Jenna OM: Hey, dudes, I was asked a question I figured you’d all like to answer.

Ian: This should be interesting.

Frey: I think she’s asking us three for a reason.

Bjorn: Category is, Soul Writer?

Jenna OM: Takeaway food run.

Ian: Is there a budget?

Bjorn: Smart question.

Jenna OM: They didn’t say, and neither will I?

Bjorn: Extra-large, cheesesteak pizzas. Six of them with double meat and no veggies. Those cheese sauce smothered potato wedge things with a side of onion rings. Two orders of buffalo chicken wings at two different heat levels with pickle chips. A salad to wash it down.

Jenna OM: More like to silence Rochelle’s worries, eeesh.

Frey: All that grease? Where does it go, to Shakespeare’s butt? Poor wolf. Just give me a tuna and salmon sushi platter with a half-dozen California rolls. No need to slice them. Maybe some kimchi and pork dumplings.

Ian: Regretting the lack of budget yet?

Jenna OM: Hit me, Sinclair.

Ian: A family-sized portion of fish and chips.

Jenna OM: Seriously? That’s it?

Ian: I’m trimming down for someone these days, remember?

Jenna OM: Thank Nephthys for that. Want to learn more about these dudes and their ladies? Check out Book 1: Bound by Fate and Blood on Amazon.

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