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Writing Coach Services
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Do you need a writing coach to help you through a scene? A chapter? Or to start learning how to self-edit better? Are a pantster wanting to be a plotter--or the other way around? Perhaps it's preplanning tasks, like brainstorming, researching, and similar? Or is writer's block making you feel as emotionally stuck and drained as your characters?

Here's your chance to work with Jenna O'Malley, your Soul Writer, as your one-on-one writing coach! For an hourly rate, I am at your disposal to work on a project of your picking through a shared screen in Google Meet. What makes me qualified to help you on your bardic journey?


For my traditional training and education, I graduated from Frostburg State University with a bachelor's in English (transatlantic literature and linguistics) and theater (stage management/directing) (2011, high honors), and I gained my master's degree in education (secondary and special education) from there a year later (highest honors). I’ve been teaching English/Language Arts, English for Second/Language Learners, creative writing, Advanced Placement (AP) English Literature and Composition, college-level courses, workshops, and more since 2012 with certifications and/or full-time contractual experiences in five states across the US (Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Maine) and internationally (Japan, China, Brazil, and France).

Furthermore, I’ve been a certified writing tutor through the College Language and Reading Association (CRLA) since 2009. During my time as a student at Frostburg State University, I worked as one of their writing tutors. My schedule was often booked because my sessions dove deep and thoroughly explored anything the project needed from a writing perspective. I was not limited to working with English students, either. Most of my tutees had the following majors with classes to match: statistics, psychology, sociology, history, criminal justice, mass communications and media, biology, chemistry, physics, pre-med, nursing, pre-law, business administration, medical and electrical engineering, and more. Therefore, it goes without saying that these experiences combined with my days teaching all the types of writing as an ELA teacher... I can help you with any type of writing. Oh, a list? Here's one, but the examples are much more vast:

novels, screenplays, poetry

journal articles, text-based analysis, documentation formats (APA, MLA, Chicago)

resume/curriculum vitae and cover letters

anything from any of the classes I listed above that you think might be connected to those content focuses (ask me!)

Once I started teaching, I became certified to work with readers and writers of all ages who have dyslexia and dysgraphia through Orton-Gillingham's methods. That's right: this program's techniques have prepared me to work with people from the age 9 to 99 and up). I've also been the teacher of record who ran the creative writing program at every school where I've taught. Additionally, I continue to work with writers of all ages, including teenagers and older persons who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and other life-altering health events--something that started during my days as a writing tutor since most non-traditional college students (adults over the age of 25ish) preferred to work with methodical me.

As a person with mental health disabilities myself, I guide others through decluttering their writing processes and writing lives. Therefore... to me...

Sharing a love of writing is my passion, and opening people to this endless mode of expression is one of my largest, lifelong goals. Therefore, I am here to be your kind voice when you're hard on yourself. (I will give you soul-care homework, if needed!) I'm also your go-to person for learning that writing, first and foremost, is a mode of personal expression and can therefore be fun, healing, and an adventure worth taking for YOU as much as it is for your preferred audience/fan.


I hope to hear from you soon, and I cannot wait to travel with you on your creative quest!
Let's rock this bard show together. Contact me!

What can we cover in a one-on-0ne session?

Current Coaching Hourly Rate
$50 (USD)/hour

Prices are increasing as of November 2023.
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brainstorming, plotting, researching techniques, outlining methods, mind mapping, non-fiction and fiction analysis, script writing, novel writing, poetry writing, self-editing, developmental editing, diagnostic editing, beta reading, and other steps leading to the "final draft" of your project

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I offer editing packages and am taking editing clients as of June 2023!

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