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Are you ready to reset your inner soul bard?
Let's rock it!
I'm excited to meet with you!

​Here's your chance to work with Jenna O'Malley, your Soul Writer, as
your writing, editing, content creation, and creativity empowerment coach--if it relates to your writing business, we can chat about it!


Are you a creative person longing to return to your favorite mode of expression, but life keeps getting in the way?

I want to but... but... but... but... but... but... and... and... and..

Let's turn those words into YETS, so that you're one step closer to a YES!


intuition * creativity * empowerment

**Please note: all meetings are held virtually.**

Bard to Bard (Discovery)

A free, 30-to-60-minute, one-on-one discovery session


Click Here to Schedule a Bard to Bard Session, so we can make sure this is a fit for you!


Quill to Quill (Coaching)

60-minute, one-on-one, live coaching sessions on any project you pick, no refunds

(can be on book content, social media content, or business building tactics)

Click Here to Schedule a Bard to Bard Session, so we can make sure this is a fit for you!


Click Here to make a payment (one time)

Click Here to make a re-occurring payment (monthly)


Soul to Soul (Editing)

One editing pass through your manuscript

$300 US, per purchase
paid in full or payment plan completed prior to your manuscript being returned with edits—no refunds


Click Here to Schedule a Bard to Bard Session, so we can make sure this is a fit for you!

Alternatively, you can email me.

PAYMENT LINKS will be sent to you when manuscript is received.

Considering time with Jenna, but you're not certain if this commitment is a fit for you? Schedule a free, 60-minute Bard to Bard discovery session below!

Also, have a free gift on me!
Click here for my tips on self-editing!

What makes me qualified to help you on your bardic journey?

Former teacher.


Current editor. Current coach of all things writerly related for those who lived through trauma to make them doubt their soul.

And yet I use more of what I learned about building you up as a coach than I ever did while learning it as a teacher.

So welcome to my office, friend!

As a person with mental health disabilities myself, I've been there. The self-sabotage is not a little imp in a corner. For sometimes, it has an army that sometimes includes our mental and physical health. Therefore, I guide others through decluttering their writing processes and writing lives. Additionally, being a K12 teacher has required me to maintain my certifications through professional development courses.


What does that mean for you as a client, regardless of your age and ability? You're working with a coach and editor who is trauma-informed, trained in de-escalation techniques, and who understands first-hand how writing is literally a form of therapy for some people during and after health or life playing cruel. My end goal is for our time together to be about what you need most first.

Our discussions for coaching can guide any number of factors that you feel need turned to ash, so that you can become the phoenix you're always meant to be: with your quill flowing freely.

Therefore... to me...

Sharing a love of writing is my purpose, and opening people to this endless mode of expression is one of my largest, lifelong goals. I am here to be your kind voice when you're hard on yourself. I'm also your go-to person for learning that writing, first and foremost, is a mode of personal expression and can be fun, healing, and an adventure worth taking for YOU as much as it is for your preferred audience/fan.


I hope to hear from you soon, and I cannot wait to travel with you on your creative quest!
Let's rock this bard show together.
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