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Camp Soul Bard Academy

An Indie Creator Idea Incubator

Who are we?

Soul Bards, are you ready to go camping? Virtually so, but we are indie creators who believe the art of barding is still alive and well.

What is soul barding?

Expressing your humanity to the world as mirror reflection of your soul with intentional healing for yourself and others who consume your products, services, and media

Camping with friends never felt so creative!

Do you feel like your creations are...


Out of Sync


Out of Style


Out of Soul

You sense that you are always walking slightly out of step from where you and your business can most effectively embrace what you and your clients or customers crave most in the world--and that's just left or right of center, and draining! 

You worry more about writing to market instead of building an audience that thinks in a hive mind that craves the medicine you place in your shop, services, produces, and media, either virtually or physically.

You feel burned out and unable to do the daily tasks in life, or you feel as if you do not deserve compensation and growth from the creations you intentionally make for yourself and others.

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Presented by Jenna O'Malley,
Your Soul Writer and Creation Coach

Jenna O’Malley, your Soul Writer, blends sci-fi/fantasy with dashes of romance and nerdy references to create raw, healing stories about diverse characters throughout time and space. The worlds she weaves highlight issues including women’s rights, the importance of all voices in leadership, LGBTQIA+ alliance, mental health awareness, and anti-racism.

As a creation coach, she assists fellow soul bards into launching their storytelling skills for becoming stars on the page and screen, regardless of genre and with an intention to heal.

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Connect me with my fellow indie soul bards!

Bring the Quill
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