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Editing Packages
Pricing Packages Ending as of October 31, 2023

Lock in yours NOW!

Where my coaching service is a one-on-one guided experience through a screen in Google Meet, I also offer editing packages. Why are my rates what they are for the first three packages? My goal is to help my fellow overwriters to lower their word counts, fix whatever we can to make the book stronger, and not break the time or money bank. I know what its like to receive that jaw-dropping estimate on documents longer than 120,000 words. I've got your backs!

Each package includes some developmental, line, and copy editing (unless stated otherwise), along with a pre-edit consultation and three other one-on-one meetings to use as you please. These sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Ways you can use the three one-on-one meetings are as follows (but are not limited to):


  • accountability meetings between editing passes;

  • to break longer manuscripts or projects down into smaller, more-digestible-for-you chunks;

  • to discuss notes from my edits;

  • "Hey, my betareaders said _____ was a concern in my last book, and you got me on it too... teach me to stop it in my own writing without using worksheets;"

  • any of the items listed on my coaching page that apply;

  • and/or any other way you see fits your project... that's right, ask!

*additional meetings can be added by either purchasing another editing package (some authors prefer to do 2 smaller passes instead of one large one, to be fair) or by paying the current hourly rate listed on my coaching page, and of course... ask!

Prices are increasing as of November 2023.

Lock in this rate by Halloween 2023!

Also, have a free gift on me!

Click here for my tips on self-editing!

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